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By Seaview Dental Arts
August 23, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: root canals  

root canal smileFind out when root canals are a major benefit to your oral health and why they are nothing to fear.


Unfortunately, root canal treatment has gotten kind of a negative reputation over the years, but it’s terribly unfair. Sure, we understand that having to get any dental procedure done isn’t the highlight of the day but we can all agree that maintaining your natural smile for the rest of your life is the most important thing. Our Galloway, NJ, dentists Dr. Bhavin Patel and Dr. Daniel Ciechanowski want to provide you with the dental care you need to ensure that your smile is always beautiful. In some cases, the best way to maintain your smile is by getting a root canal.

Now, before you start to worry yourself over these two little words “root canal” it’s important to understand that there are a lot of myths and inaccuracies out there regarding this procedure. First of all, a root canal is really no more invasive than getting a dental filling, and most people will have to get a dental filling at some point during their lifetime.

Secondly, most people who require a root canal are often dealing with terrible dental pain. The toothache is often severe and gets worse when chewing or putting pressure on the tooth. The only way to get rid of that toothache is to treat the problem with root canal therapy. Luckily, you’ll be happy to hear that most people experience immediate relief after treatment.

So, what exactly is the problem? Well, the inside of your tooth contains a soft tissue structure known as the dental pulp. It’s the only part of the tooth that is made up of connective tissue, blood vessels and nerves. This is why when bacteria enters the tooth and affects the pulp it causes pain. The only way to get rid of that pain is for one of our Galloway, NJ, family dentists to go inside the tooth to remove the dental pulp.

Once the pulp is removed and the bacteria has been rinsed out from the tooth we will need to seal the tooth roots to make sure that bacteria doesn’t get back inside. From there, we will also need to apply a material inside the tooth to restrengthen it. Of course, in most cases, after getting a root canal we still need to place a dental crown over the tooth to protect it and restore full function. After this, your tooth is now preserved and protected the way it should be.

Do you have questions about getting a root canal in Galloway, NJ? Do you need to talk to our dentists about whether you might benefit from restorative dentistry? If so, call Seaview Dental Arts today to schedule a consultation.

By Seaview Dental Arts
August 02, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: root canals  

What your dentists in Galloway want you to knowroot canal

Are you wondering if you may need a root canal? Do you have throbbing dental pain that just doesn’t go away? The truth is only your dentist will know for sure if you need a root canal, but there are some definite signs and symptoms you can look for. Your dentists at Seaview Dental Arts in Galloway, NJ want to share the facts about root canal treatment.

You may need a root canal if you have:

  • Sharp dental pain from hot and cold drinks or foods
  • Chronic throbbing dental pain that doesn't resolve
  • Dental pain that radiates into other areas of your face or jaws
  • Swelling, puffiness or redness around the root of a tooth
  • Drainage from around the root of a tooth

There are many reasons why you may have damaged your tooth and you now need a root canal. Teeth can be traumatized from a sports injury or car accident involving your face or jaws.

A tooth may also need a root canal if dental decay has gone untreated and has progressed into the innermost layer of tooth tissue, an area called the pulp.

You can also cause chronic trauma to your teeth if you grind or clench at night. Repeated grinding can bruise and damage the pulp of your teeth, causing inflammation. This inflammation may lead to you needing a root canal.

The first step is to visit your dentists in Galloway. They use only the latest state-of-the-art technology including digital x-rays, thermal testing, and vitality testing to determine if your tooth may need a root canal.

If you do need a root canal, they will create an opening in your tooth, remove the diseased or dying tissue, and refill your tooth with a sedative material. This material reduces inflammation, allowing your tooth to “calm down” and your pain to resolve. After your tooth pain is gone, they will refill your tooth with inert material and seal it with a small silver filling. That’s it!

If you think you may need a root canal, don’t suffer. Call your dentists at Seaview Dental Arts in Galloway, NJ. Get some relief from your dental pain by calling today!

By Seaview Dental Arts
March 28, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: root canals  

If you live in Galloway, NJ, and you have been told you need a root canal, don’t worry. You probably questions and concerns about root root canalcanals – that’s only natural. But the important thing to remember is root canals are nothing to fear. On the contrary, root canal therapy is a safe, reliable, long-lasting, and virtually painless treatment option for your dental health.

If you are seeking a qualified dentist in Galloway, NJ, you should consider contacting Dr. Bhavin C. Patel at Seaview Dental Arts. Dr. Bhavin C. Patel, DDS can help ease your fears and answer your questions about root canals.

The first question many patients ask their dentist is, “What is a root canal, anyway?”

When you smile, what you see in the mirror is the enamel layer of your teeth. But what you probably won’t be able to see is whether any of those teeth have problems – because many of those problems manifest inside the tooth. That’s where your Galloway dentist comes into the picture.

Inside each tooth, under the enamel and another hard layer called the dentin is a soft tissue called the pulp, which contains blood vessels, nerves and connective tissues. The pulp is what actually helps grow the root of your tooth during its development.

When the pulp in one of your teeth becomes inflamed or infected, your dentist can numb the tooth, remove that bad pulp, disinfect the inside of the tooth, and replace the pulp with a substance similar to what is used for dental fillings. Your Galloway dentist can then re-cover that tooth with a prosthetic device designed to look and act like one of your real teeth. That prosthetic device is called a crown. And your dentist can do this so that you feel no pain.

So you can see; root canals are nothing to fear.

A fully developed tooth can survive without its pulp because that tooth continues to be nourished by the tissues surrounding it. While your Galloway, NJ dentist will explain the entire process in detail for you, generally, a root canal is a safe, painless, effective procedure that can be done in one or two visits. The result will be a repaired tooth that is strong, natural looking, and long-lasting.

If you are seeking a qualified dentist in Galloway, NJ, consider contacting Dr. Bhavin C. Patel at Seaview Dental Arts. For more information call (609)652-9020 or visit the website at

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