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Dr. Bhavin Patel is a Prosthodontist (Specialty #5984) - a specialist in aesthetic, reconstructive and implant dentistry.  

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By Seaview Dental Arts
April 09, 2020
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry
Tags: veneers  

Dental veneers are thin shells that are the same shade as natural teeth. They're used to cover the front of the teeth in order to change their appearance, making them perfect for those who are dissatisfied with the way their teeth look.

If you live in Galloway, NJ, and you're ready to improve your smile, visit your dentist, Dr. Bhavin Patel of Seaview Dental Arts. He can provide you with a variety of dental services, including veneers, that will transform your smile.

Types of Veneers

Veneers are manufactured from porcelain and are permanently bonded to the front of your teeth to change their color, shape, and appearance. Incredibly stain-resistant and strong, porcelain veneers reflect light similarly to natural teeth and can last for more than ten years at a time. If you're looking for a Galloway dentist to provide you with veneers, discuss with Dr. Bhavin Patel which type is best for your needs.

Benefits of Veneers

If you choose veneer treatment, you receive several benefits that can help boost your confidence as well as your appearance. After all, it's difficult to feel confident when you feel embarrassed about your stained, broken, or missing teeth. Unattractive teeth can interfere with your work and social life by making you avoid fully participating in social situations. Fortunately, dental veneers can renew your smile and restore your confidence.

Veneers can:

  • Fix teeth that have gaps in between them.
  • Fix discolored teeth.
  • Fix chipped or broken teeth.
  • Fix teeth that are misshapen.
  • Fix teeth that appear too small.

Interested? Give Us a Call

Dental veneers may be the solution for you if you are unhappy with your smile. A beautiful smile with straight white teeth improves your self-esteem, making it easier to face your day and all of its challenges. If you live in Galloway and need a dentist to provide you with veneers, contact Dr. Bhavin Patel. Set up an appointment at Seaview Dental Arts by calling 609-652-9020.


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